Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy things I've been doing

Not a lot of blogging time lately. From March to May I'm always really busy with my business and this year seems to leave me little time for anything but work and family. Here's what I did just this last week.

We went to Rome for the marathon. Piero had an athlete running , though he pulled out at the 28km mark with a muscle problem. I 'm not crazy about the Rome Course, but the start/finish line cannot be beat! Here they are taking off in the picture above and then in the picture below... just before all the marathoners started arriving.

Evan is the best traveler. For now we can throw him into any situation with absolutely no protests. On marathon morning he got out of bed at 6.00 am and we all went to the start together. And he's smiling too!

Earlier in the week we brought Evan to a Dinosaur exhibit in Cremona put on by the London Natural History Museum. It was fantastic! Ev is really into dinosaurs right now and has them all memorized. They had live sized mechanical models with sound and all.

The best thing that happened was my little girl turning 15 years old. The cake in the foreground is the Coconut white birthday cake that Evan and I made for her. It turned out yummyummy...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Retail Triathlon Therapy

Yesterday I was feeling really down. I don't know why but it's been this way for a few days. I've tried all the usual remedies but nothing seemed to be working so I decided I'd try some retail therapy. I put my road bike in the car and brought it to my bike shop. I bought myself some new shoes (Gaerne g-opal) and pedals (Look) and left the bike to be cleaned up for spring. While I was there I looked at a few bikes and have decided that once THE project is done I'll take the advance money and buy myself a bike. The choices at the moment are between a Pinariello and a Trek. I feel better :-)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Circus, Italian style

Before entering the big tent would you prefer a cappuccino or a glass of champagne? We went for a lollypop and a coffee. The lady behind the bar had on the biggest pair of fake eyelashes I've seen in a long time. Kind of went with the circus theme. Lots of acrobats but every few animals. Eighteen dancing ponies and four camels. We enjoyed it just the same.