Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My new assistant

Just before I left to go to work in Venice this last week Evan pulled me aside and whispered "If you bring me with you I'll work..." Just tugging on those heart strings. He'd just gotten his new glasses and had a whole new look. I couldn't say no so we left for Venice together. Working in Venice is not as glamourous as it sounds because 3 of those days are actually spent inside a huge white tent while music is blasting in your ears and marathoners with lots of nervous energy walk back and forth...and back and forth. But Evan stuck to his word and really helped me out. He even launched into an english explanation of the pacing groups with some foreigners and tried out a word or two of Spanish. Marathon day was beautiful. Maybe a little too beautiful, weather wise, for the runners but better than a rainy day for sure. Now I'm packing and off to New York. He tried to talk his onto the airplane to NY...he'll be going with Piero to Naples instead. But I promised to bring him back a present and he was good with that.

(We won't mention the teenager that told me she couldn't wait 'til I left...sigh...it's sort of a ying-yang thing with the two of them)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Taking a breather...

Two days in Rome and two days in Amsterdam. That's what I did last week. Running, running, running around (and not the good kind) from train to metro to taxi to airplane to ferry boat to bus and back again. It's amazing how you can gather so much energy from doing things. I mean, sometimes I'll be at home totally exhausted from doing nothing and then running around and sleeping four hours per night and hyped on energy.

- The two days in Rome were spent by night sleeping at my client-friend Patrizia's house. She lives right next to the Vatican church and from her balcony you can see the dome of the cathedral. It was really nice to spend to with her. By day I went to a two day Brian Tracy seminar. Something about "Million dollar habits". Though you really can't take everything he says literally, I did get a lot of great ideas on how to make my various businesses better and I have a new work energy that will last for a while.

- The next two days was spent in Amsterdam with Piero at the European Athletics Convention where Piero and I gave a presentation on the decline of middle and long distance running. It went really well :-)) . After it was all over we were taken on a tour of the canals and then dinner in an unconsecrated church. I thought we'd be able to see more of the city in the morning but the Amsterdam marathon was being held and since they had to close all the streets for four hours they had to take us to the airport SIX HOURS EARLY. The only thing I was happy about there was the Starbucks at the airport.

The kids did really well with the new babysitter, as well as the babysitter with the kids. So I have a new life now because I can actually go and work a little more outside the house without constantly being worried about what is happening.

I have two days home and then I'm off to work for four in Venice. Evan and Piero will come with me whereas Olly has to go to school. Good thing I have the babysitter!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

To the Moon!

This is a really crazy month workwise. I have so many projects and events going on at the same time. Almost every single one of my clients has a race this month, I'm still wrapping up the book because we have to re-shoot some exercise photos, Piero and I are preparing to go to Amsterdam next week where he's supposed to give a talk to the European Athletics Ass. on the downfall of long distance European runners. Since he's not so fluent in english I'M going to be presenting his speech (HA HA!!) - anyway, it all involves a lot of translating and assimilating what he's written...plus, I'm preparing 87 virgin marathon runners for the Venicemarathon and the ...I also have two kids and a house to take care of. It gets to moments like these that time with the children consists in being in the same room and nodding or letting them know you actually heard what they said is the one form of comunication. This week the only quality time I was able to give Evan was at bedtime: giving him a bath, pajamas, reading a story and then talking with the lights out. And that's when the most interesting questions come...
Last night he asked me what he was going to do when he gets older. "You can do anything you want to do. You can be an artist or a doctor or whatever you want." He thought about that for a minute and said "I want to be a postman". He loves to go to our mailbox and open all the mail. "No, I wouldn't be good at being a mailman...I want to be an astronaut. I could go into space. I really want to go to the moon. But, I'll take you with me Mom, I don't want to go without you."

Can't wait!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

What I did this weekend

- Turned 48. I made myself a carrot cake with coconut frosting. I couldn't find a candle for it so I had to use a Winnie the Pooh fireworks fountain (Evan loved that). Groovy Yoga class to start my day and a cappuccino at my favorite coffee place. (do people still use the word groovy?)

- Went to a real movie with just Piero, Burn before Reading. The last few films I've seen at the movies have been animated or cartoons...so this was a special treat.

- Found my dream babysitter. One of Piero's cousins has a daughter that has come to study for the next FIVE years in Modena. She's already watched Evan and he adores her. She's sweet, does housework and is not asking much for her services. So so happy...

- Ran a half marathon: 2h06'32", my best time in the last two years...my back made a few protests in the first km's, but then I was okay. I ran the whole way at a steady 6'00"/km pace and am thrilled that I didn't have to stop and walk because of cramping legs or my aching back.

- Talked to my sister. She didn't call on my birthday but rather the next morning. When I hung up I realized that for her she HAD called on my birthday since she lives in Kauai and is 12 hours behind. Thanks Mare!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Running photos

I was going through some photos the other day and came upon this file of various that didn't "make the cut" for our private website. Some of them I really like and wondered why we discarded them. You decide!

This is Ottavio doing some postural exercises, something we all tend to not do enough of.

Ottavio and Stefano (Baldini) coming up the grade. Notice neither of them have their feet on the ground.

Shoes, shoes, shoes...most pro's come to a workout with at least two pairs.

This is a photo Piero took in Namibia last year. I think they were doing a long workout.

Livigno, Italy. So, I understand they have to travel a lot but they really can't complain...