Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My new assistant

Just before I left to go to work in Venice this last week Evan pulled me aside and whispered "If you bring me with you I'll work..." Just tugging on those heart strings. He'd just gotten his new glasses and had a whole new look. I couldn't say no so we left for Venice together. Working in Venice is not as glamourous as it sounds because 3 of those days are actually spent inside a huge white tent while music is blasting in your ears and marathoners with lots of nervous energy walk back and forth...and back and forth. But Evan stuck to his word and really helped me out. He even launched into an english explanation of the pacing groups with some foreigners and tried out a word or two of Spanish. Marathon day was beautiful. Maybe a little too beautiful, weather wise, for the runners but better than a rainy day for sure. Now I'm packing and off to New York. He tried to talk his onto the airplane to NY...he'll be going with Piero to Naples instead. But I promised to bring him back a present and he was good with that.

(We won't mention the teenager that told me she couldn't wait 'til I left...sigh...it's sort of a ying-yang thing with the two of them)


Shauna said...

teenagers! eeeek!

hope all goes well in NYC... have a fab ol time :)

anji said...

awwwww... well, he's growing up to be such an adoreable young man! he's going to be a hit with the ladies for sure! he has a good work ethic already :)

Enjoy New York and good luck with the marathon!

Fe-lady said...

He looks very cute (or handsome if you prefer!) with glasses!