Sunday, October 05, 2008

What I did this weekend

- Turned 48. I made myself a carrot cake with coconut frosting. I couldn't find a candle for it so I had to use a Winnie the Pooh fireworks fountain (Evan loved that). Groovy Yoga class to start my day and a cappuccino at my favorite coffee place. (do people still use the word groovy?)

- Went to a real movie with just Piero, Burn before Reading. The last few films I've seen at the movies have been animated or this was a special treat.

- Found my dream babysitter. One of Piero's cousins has a daughter that has come to study for the next FIVE years in Modena. She's already watched Evan and he adores her. She's sweet, does housework and is not asking much for her services. So so happy...

- Ran a half marathon: 2h06'32", my best time in the last two back made a few protests in the first km's, but then I was okay. I ran the whole way at a steady 6'00"/km pace and am thrilled that I didn't have to stop and walk because of cramping legs or my aching back.

- Talked to my sister. She didn't call on my birthday but rather the next morning. When I hung up I realized that for her she HAD called on my birthday since she lives in Kauai and is 12 hours behind. Thanks Mare!


Shauna said...

happy birthday! Love that photo :) and congratulations on you half, woohoo!

stronger said...

Glad your birthday included fireworks! As it should!! Happy Birthday.

21stCenturyMom said...

Happy Birthday! I fail to see how spending the weekend at Stinson drinking too much wine trumps a birthday cake with a Roman candle in it. Okay - I guess I could see that but no matter!

Do you know about the Black Knight because if not you should. He is also in Italy and also a runner

Whether or not he is located anywhere near you is a different matter.

anji said...

Did I ever tell you, that you have the coolest kitchen EVER? I don't know if I told yout hat or not...

besides, it also helps bake some excellent goodies! That cake sounds tasty!

Happy 48th, you look great!