Saturday, October 29, 2005

I'm in white with bad posture

Carpi 2005
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If you don't see any posts it's usually because I'm either too busy or think I have nothing interesting to say. Or both. What I've been doing:

- Evan went to two weeks of day care and then got sick. Really sick. The poor babe burst an eardrum and we wouldn't have known because he doesn't cry about these things. But when we saw blood coming out of his ear we knew things were bad. We rushed him to the pediatric emergency where he was pumped with antibiotics and told to not to send him back to school for three weeks. He's better now, but I have to go through the whole introductory to school with him again. Ugh...

- I ran my marathon. I did not do well. I did finish it. I decided to run another one in november, in Firenze.

- After a few week of unsupervised and careless eating (but no weight gain!) I have been reinspired and am now back to another eating regime. THIS time I dusted off the diet my dietician gave me four years ago and am having a go at that. The one catch is that I'm using Fred's idea ( of taking one day off per week from dieting and having a "free" day. I did this in 1993 during my first post pregnancy diet and it was not only efficient, but fun. I'll tell you about it in a soon-to-be written entry.

- Do you remember my "lightening" list? Well, I almost have the number one heavy burden crossed off of it. Don't want to jinx it though, so I'll only let you know when it happens. Until then...

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anji said...

Ohhhhhhhh, leave us in a lurch with a mystery burdon soon to be off the list! :)

Not fair!