Sunday, December 11, 2005

Marathon nr.23 in the books!

It's only the 1st km!
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People have asked me several times this year how many marathons I've run. I would always shoot off a number, but in reality I had no idea because I'd never bothered to count them. So as I put away my Milan City Marathon Medal from last Sunday in my running book I took out all the medals and certificates and photos and counted. Milan was number twenty-three. Before you're too impressed you should know that I've been running for fifteen years now so that's actually not a big number. On the other hand it's not shabby either...
I had a really great time at the race. My friend Lucy (on the right in the photo) ran the first 12km with me and then conveniently took a subway to the finish area. It was freezing a** cold outside and for the first 30km they only had icy cold water at the refreshment stations. Then I hit the 35km station and they had hot tea! Gosh, that was delicious. I had three cups and then took off again. My ending time of four hours, thirty minutes and forty seven seconds was nothing special, but as usual I learned a few things about myself along the way:
- No matter what the time is, I still enjoy the run. I've just learned not to get all bugged out about the final time and just enjoy myself.
- I really really enjoy the training process and can't WAIT to get training again for the next.
- Before I run another marathon I want to go under two hours for the half marathon (right now I have a timing of about 2h02', so it shouldn't be difficult to improve).
- I still have to work on my stamina for the last half 'cause I just did too much walking in the end. I do have to say that I always felt good running though.

My next marathon will depend on working circumstances but should either be in Rome or New York, both on March 26, 2006


anji said...

Congrats on the #23 :D

I didn't realise you were doing one last weekend but I've been pretty self-absorbed lately, hehe...:)

Good luck with whatever race you decide to do!

I've decided to start a get-light list. There are tons of stuff around the house that need to get done. Half-finished projects (*not* all of them are mine but still need to get done)... and the such...

talk to you again soon :)


dg said...

that is impressive and inspiring.. especially the enjoying it bit. you two are sooo smiley in that pic :)

anji said...

I agree DG, those girls look *way* too happy and smiley... heh.