Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter (cough, hack...)

What went as planned:
  • Beautiful Easter weather, about 70° with floating clouds and being able to once again wear sleeveless shirts.
  • Easter lunch with friends, homemade pasta with zucchini shrimp sauce, fish, fabulous potatoe/artichoke/zucchini vegetable ring, cakes and chocolate chocolate chocolate.
  • Hanging out with friends, no hurries...
  • The half marathon, one woman in our group that I train ran a 1h36' PR and won her age category.
What DIDN'T go as planned:
  • Evan has been sick for about ten days now, hack coughing into my face every five minutes. It finally caught onto me. I started to lose my voice around friday. Saturday I was out of it but at that point I didn't want to call all the people I had invited over to Easter lunch and the half marathon the next day. Plus, I always think that I'm going to get better.
  • Sunday night when I felt everything shift into my left ear, I knew it was over. Around 11.00 pm P took me down to the emergency room and they have me five different prescriptions, including antibiotics.
  • No half marathon for me. I slept in for about 12 hours.
I still have another day of antibiotics and then it'll probably take another ten days to feel decent again. I obviously haven't made it back to the pool but I have gotten back on the bike. The uber gorgeous springtime weather we are having here really helps.

Yummy Easter Cupcakes

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anji said...

Those look so good! I want to just grab one through the screen and eat it!