Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Pause a.k.a. The Women's Only Entry

By now I'm pretty used to it. Instead of talking about my time of the month we can discuss my time of the year. I was okay with that, having it come three times a year. Then last month all the symptoms came down on me at once: hot flashes, irritabilility and bloating bloating bloating. I've always been a water retainer, but recently it's been getting worse. Cellulite on my lower thighs down to the knees, a huge belly that won't go away. The one hundred degree heat wave weather that we've been having was making it worse. One day I had a mini-breakdown in the car with P. I started blubbering about my body being hijacked and not recognizing myself. For someone who really tries to take care of her body through sport and good nutrition, it's totally frustrating that no matter what I did, my body had another direction it wanted to go in.
I've already been to doctors and gynocologists who confirm, yes, you are in perimenopause and total menopause - even if a little early (this whole thing started at 44 for me) should come any time now. No, not a lot you can do about it.

No, I won't take hormone replacements.

So, to get rid of the bloating I'm trying every trick in the book: I drink 2 lts of water a day, I supplement with green tea, exercise is good, I've started cutting out any excess carbohydrates and I've added more protein. At the end of my showers I turn the water on COLD only for one or two minutes. I found a masseuse that doesn't charge a fortune to go to once a week (love that!). I take dandelion drops three times a day. All this combination seems to have helped out and calmed some of the symptoms. It's the not feeling in charge that bothered me the most. Now I'm back in the driver's seat. I'm sure I'll have to keep tweaking myself to figure out what to change, but that's better than just sitting back and feeling hopeless that there is nothing I can do about it. There is and I will.


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

You're right! It's the not feeling in charge that bothers most of us!!!!

When one doesn't feel in charge, it sort of throws one in the victim mentality that is so harmful!

Yet, by doing what you did -taking steps to control of a situation (without over correcting) we can reduce the symptoms of ANY bad situation... sure is better than giving up!

This is a tough subject! and I love your reasoning :) Grazie :)

Shauna said...

I agree with your friend up there, I love your reasoning and your determination and positivity. Not feeling in control must be the bloody worst thing. xxox

jbmmommy said...

I'm sure you'll get through, although I can imagine it won't be easy. You've obviously done your best to be as educated as possible about what's going on and I hope it goes well for you.

anji said...

hey julia --- i know you don't like taking meds and stuff, but - as you know I have lots of water retention (I would love to think it's about 100 pounds worth) but - after trying different things, I found it was driving me insane. I have a very minimal prescription which I don't take all of the time (just when I am bloated) and within two or three days, I'm back to my usual non-bloated (but still fat, hehe) self.

It might be something to consider short-term if it is really bothering you. Mine was beginning to cause pain in my feet which is the only reason I ended up going to meds. However... I'm back home for good next week (thank God!) and I'll be able to be active again and hopefully won't need the meds....

But - i do like all of your suggestions and the massuesse.... do you REALLY need the excuse of water retention to go?? :D You should do that anyways if you can :)

I'll be listening to the MP3 on the way home this weekend and back on Monday morning... I've been too crazy busy but - will let you know what I think shortly! Only one more week of school :)

Ciao bella!