Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Yoga 201 (!)

I went to my doctor yesterday to get my blood tests ordered up. He asked me a couple key questions which sort of all added up to the type of tests that he's asked for. I'll have to wait until the end of february to have them done (Hello nationalized medicine!) but when I went home I looked up one thing in particular. The key symptoms are:
  • Fatigue (yes)
  • Weakness (um, yes)
  • Difficulty in losing weight (check!)
  • Course, dry hair (battling all the time with that)
  • Cold intolerance (I use hot water bottles during the day while I work to keep warm)
  • Muscle cramps (day and night! Do you remember my swims last summer while I battled not drowning while I worked out cramps that would last for several minutes. Happens during yoga too)
  • Depression (I try and keep it at bay...)
  • Irritability (hard to say...ya know when you just get bitchy?)
So, the verdict won't be in until the end of the month and I hate to do an internet self I'll just wait on it. ZZZzzzzz...

In the good news my yoga teacher, after ten lessons together (once a week) asked me to switch classes and go to the Level 2 with another teacher. She thought I needed something more challenging so yesterday I tried the new class. Apart from the fact that I was totally intimidated by it because whereas my "class" had lots of nice comforting housewives in it, this one had YOGA BABES. But I just closed my eyes and concentrated on myself. Everything was a lot more challenging and there was even one position that I totally could not do. (like the above bridge pose but with your legs shooting up towards the ceiling. You achieve this my just flipping your legs UP) . I asked the teacher (and studio owner) afterwards if he felt this was the right class for me (cause I was feeling TOTALLY like it wasn't) but he told me that I'd done really well and that most people in the class had been practicing for years. Whew...I decided to go twice a week. Once with the advanced class and once with my first teacher - but on friday when she has a few more advanced students. One of my 2008 goals was to make it to level 2 - I just didn't expect it with a month!


anji said...

HOpefully you don't have to wait too much longer to get in for those tests.... good luck with it! I'll try and get on skype again soon. finally figured out some of my computer problems I've been having since pretty much day one of the new computer! Got 'er workin' now though. Talk to you soon,

m said...

Just stopped by...sound like hypothyroidism. I had all those symptoms, went in to get xanax and lo and behold it was all my thyroid.