Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wherever you may be

The strange thing about when people pass away is that they never grow old in your mind. My sweetheart little brother who today would have been 46 years old will forever be 22 for me.

I used to cry for him every day for about five years in a row. Then I realized that I just couldn't keep it up forever and I really needed to get on with life.

But that doesn't mean I don't think about him almost everyday. Especially on his birthday and even if he'll never grow old.



Anonymous said...

a kiss and a hug to you, straight from that day in Forte dei Marmi when I met him.


stronger said...

Happy birthday to your brother- it's nice that you continue to celebrate his life.

anji said...


Bonne fete a ton frere!

That's an absolutely wonderful picture of your brother... I see the resemblance! It is too bad that O & E will never know their uncle but - you have wonderful things/memories to share with them.

I'll be on skype this weekend if you feel like chatting sometime... if you are unbusy yet :)