Saturday, June 28, 2008

No news is good news

I turned the television off for today. I usually like to clean the house or iron while I watch some trashy show that's not worth sitting down to. Lately I've been questioning how much garbage gets syphoned through my head. Especially the news. Triple that for Italian political news. Lately they've been covering Vatican ties with the mafia, including kidnapping agreements and bodies being buried with illegally within church walls. Then there's the President who owns three television channels and asks political favors in exchange for putting girlfriends and wives into soap opera roles. It just all makes my stomach turn and look in total horror at this society I've chosen to live in. I'm sure it's better and worse around the globe, but right now all I want to do is hike into the Sierra Nevada mountains for a month and cleanse myself from all this b******t.

So I'm turning my tube off today. I'm writing and doing some work on articles that are due next week and then Ev and I have Yoga at six o'clock and P is coming day is full!

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anji said...

haha, that's sorta almost funny... during the presidential 1 year thingy that they do in the states, I don't even bother watching US TV, 'cause I'm so sick of all that crap down there. Aren't there starving people down there that could be fed on what they spend for those campaigns? Thank God Canada only allows 2 months of campaigning from start to finish... ugh,

ANYWAYS - glad to know there's a society more screwed up than the one I live in, hehe...

Enjoy your time away from the TV... get your american satellite up and running and watch some really bad reality TV from this end of the world :)