Sunday, July 13, 2008


My concentration problems have been resolved with sleep. When we got down to the beach house my mother in law had started working on creating a new apartment. There were builders hammering away from 6 am and you would think that I'd have had a horrible vacation. Not so. I slept through everything, then I'd sleep in the afternoon for a few hours and then go to bed early. I did this for the first three days and then I was cured and ready to work normally again.
The day before we left to come home Evan said that he wanted to stay at the beach with Grandma. The next day he changed his mind and said he wanted to come home...but then he changed it again one more time. I hate hate being away from him but it is also the perfect opportunity to get my work projects out of the way and GET ON WITH LIFE. Sorry, the shout out is for me...Piero was asked to go up to St.Moritz to train the Olympic team for the next two weeks and then they'll decide whether to send him up there again. So it's me and Olivia at home. Rather it's me at home and Olivia running around town with all her friends doing summer stuff that you do at fifteen years of age.

I do have to say...don't tell anybody...shhhh...I'm enjoying this time right now. I wake up and eat a leisurely breakfast then I start to work. I work and get four times as much done as I normally do and then around 8.00 pm I go for a run. Right now it's about 95° every day so I wait until night to go running. Plus there's light out until about 10 pm. I've also gone out to the movies twice, a pizza dinner out with friends and on friday I have a cocktail date with my friend Linda. Yep, I'm really living it up here! Ha!

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