Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Did I tell you that I was training for a half Ironman? I don't remember 'cause I talk to myself a lot and think I've told someone or written about it and then realize I just have lots of scenarios running around in my head.
First I was going to do the Monaco 70.3, but then they wanted to charge 350,00 euro for the entry fee and I just won't pay that kind of money for a half ironman. A full yes, a half no. So then I found an alternative Half in Italy at the Lago di Mergozzo in the lakes area above Milan. So I was training for that but then Piero started going on week long, out of town business trips and I was discouraged about actually finding the time (and babysitter) to train for the race. So I slacked off. Then those scenarios in my head started playing around and all of the sudden me, myself and I decided that I wasn't doing the Half anymore.
Fastrack to yesterday afternoon when Hubby and I are looking at our calendars from now until the end of september. First we're here in Modena, then he goes to Gotenbourg for the European Athletic Championships (he has three marathoners running on the teams), then down to Puglia to the beach for the rest of august, and then before school starts I'm taking Olly for a "girls only" trip to London.
"And then you have that Half Ironman Race on the 17th"
"Oh, I'm not doing it anymore".
(Blank stare)
I started to explain that I didn't have time and he wasn't helping me out and I really needed some encouragement. He went on that I knew how to train myself better than he ever could and that my schedule was so erratic that I really had to live it day by day rather than write out a schedule that I try to stick to.
One hour later I was on my bike doing a 60km workout.
I have eight weeks to get ready for it.
If I cut out all my "waste" time I can do this.
Today I'm going swimming. Maybe running too...


dg said...

kick ass! you sound so fired up :)

Julia said...

I just need one person to seem like they really care about it :-)

I do all my training alone and I have only two friends in Italy that race triathlons, and they both live 2 hours away. So if I'm not totally (or partially) pumped up every once in awhile, my enthusiasm goes out the window.

I'll give regular updates...maybe that will help!

nancytoby said...

You can do it!!!! If you want to, that is. I can understand ambivalence, too! It sounds like a beautiful location for a tri, if that helps...!!!

Anonymous said...

pump it, pump it, pump it, pump it, pump it, pump it, pump it. Unz Unz unz unz unz. Go Jones! Go Jones! Go Jones! Go Jones! Waiting for you to serve a killer ride together, and no: I'm just one hour 59 away. M

anji said...

Hey Julia, I could *SO* see the look on Piero's face from here, *laughs*

I'll do my cheerleading from this end for ya ;)
(though, I won't wear the outfit!!!)