Saturday, July 29, 2006

My longest ride

My original plan was to go out for a three hour bike ride. My instructions from IronMauro (friend and personal Triathlon Guru ) was to find some hills. So I headed out towards Reggio Emilia and turned up to a little town named Baiso. The most important thing I learned today was that I really do have to eat or ingest something every 30 minutes. At 30 minutes and then 60 I took a PowerGel and was doing fine. Then I started on the uphill portion of the ride and met with two guys that were riding up also. We started chatting and I forgot to take my gel. At the 40' mark I started to get the shakes. My hands were trembling and I grabbed the other gel I had and took that. Within two minutes I was fine again. At the top of the hill I refilled on the water, stopped at a bar to eat a simple briosche and then take off back down the hill (wheee!!!) . Going home I took another Gel, stopped and bought (and ate) a banana and then had still some energy to cruise at a decent 25km/hour.

Total distance: 85.39 km
Time: 3h44'10"
Average: 22.8 km/hr.

I got home and felt fine. Felt really good. So now I just have to persist!


Anonymous said...

Guru? Triathlon Guru? Should rise my fee... M

Mojo said...

Did you actually ride in that terrain? Like your picture? If so, that is hardcore!

I'm really bad about eating on the bike. Then I get hungry and I start not enjoying the ride.

What kind of gel can you get in Italy? Gu? Or an Italian brand?

Julia said...

The road was paved, but that was the view. The only Gel I can get that doesn't mess with my GI tract is PowerGel and even that is hard to come by. I just buy lots of it when I go abroad.