Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Internet Fancy and rain break

I'm not very good at codeing...or rather I actually could be good but I don't have the patience to sit there and figure it out for very long. Short attention span. Anyway, please notice that I've put a new feature in my right side bar: my workouts. Fancy, fancy!
This morning I had scheduled the babysitter to come at 8.00 am so I could go running. Instead she came at 8.30. This is totally inconvenient because it's like a hundred degrees here every day right now and I don't do well in the heat (Thailand withstanding...). I was supposed to do 1km intervals but all I could do was just run them without looking at the watch. I DO have a new determination because even though I was really going slow I just kept saying to myself that I HAD to get through the workout. And I did.

It finally rained here today after two months of no rain at all. Too bad I couldn't have gone running this afternoon!

1 comment:

Mojo said...

Sorry the babysitter was late. Tell her no tip if she's late! :)

Great way to plow through the workout though.

Your new workout sidebar is cool. You make my brain hurt because I have to convert kilometers to miles! :)