Tuesday, January 16, 2007

NYCM, here we come!

I was contacted a few months ago by a guy that had participated in my "My First Marathon". He wanted me to create a similar running program for his clients that would start running from scratch and work towards completing the New York City Marathon. We had our first meeting on Saturday. The spirit of the group was fantastic! Lots of fun people, very positive attitudes. To start out we filmed them running and then over the weekend wrote out individual video analysis for each runner. We showed them a few of the exercises that they'd find on their training plans in the first month also. Last night I finished writing out all the training plans and then I'll be calling each one next week to see how they're adapting to their schedules. The word must have gotten around at what a fun time we had saturday because three more people called yesterday to join the group. I guess I'll be going to New York in november! I love an excuse to travel, especially to the States.
In the "my kid's a freak" topic, Evan is learning to spell. Now, he knows all the letters in the alphabet so the other day we got take out pizza and on the box PIZZA was written across the top. Ev said "look Ma! P-I-Z-Z-A". I told him it spelled pizza. He got it. He's now memorized how to spell his Evan, pizza, casa, mamma, papa, and Scarabeo (don't ask...). Piero has fun saying a word he knows and telling him it's spelled sbzraq. Evan will correct you and give the right spelling. Very very cute...


nancytoby said...

Good for you!! Have fun!!

We haven't yet made the transition from knowing the letters to pronouncing words from them. Soon, though!

ironjenny said...

looks like a perfect day for a run. and you son is so adorable!!!