Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Scattered thoughts for the week

This is Evan making his "sad" face, though you can see his eyes still smile. After two week away from nursery school it's been really hard to get him to go back in the morning. He puts on a little crying scene and pronounces in english "I want to stay home with yoooooouuuuuu..." If he says it in english you know he's trying to tug on those heart strings.
I haven't had time to write a proper entry so he's what's been going on this week:

- I've made good on my promise to go swimming twice a week. I almost didn't make it...The week started on monday the first and by thursday evening I still hadn't gone. On Friday I said to myself that I didn't have to do a long and strenuous workout, I just had to GET IN THE DANG POOL! So that's what I did. I ended up with only 1000 metres but half of it was balancing drills that takes a lot of time up. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it). Saturday I went again with Linda and all was good with 1600mts. This week I already went on monday and I have a planned workout tomorrow, so now it's a habit. Right?

- Watching all the weight loss blogs after the new year. I will scream the next time I see another person confuse "lose" and "loose". It drives me crazy!

- Sunday Linda and I did a really fun workout: 30' + 10 x (1' slow/30" fast) + 3 x 1km @ 160 bpm. Again, fun, but I have a lot of work cut out for me before I can run the Roma Ostia Half Marathon.

- Evan is seeing letters everywhere: license plates, road signs, packages. His new "game" is to open up a Word page and ask me to spell words to him while he finds the letters. I found a great site for tracing paper, to teach him to write his name. At the moment he can type it, but not write it. Computerized kid...

- I've been concentrating on how I chew my food. Don't laugh, I'm not being a freak. I love to cook and I do cook our meals at both lunch and dinner. So I'll spend like an hour preparing dinner, set the table and have everybody sit down. Ten minutes later the whole affair is over. Piero swallows his meal whole and he can really shovel it in. I have to slow Evan down all the time and have caught him taking on the same habits. Olly is better but she eats a quarter of what everybody else does so the time thing evens out. I'm somewhere between everybody but it is something I thought I ought to pay attention to. Here's what I've learned: 1- a ten minute meal now takes forty minutes. Twice this week I've ended up eating by myself since everybody else still finishes in ten minutes. 2) I'm more satisfied at the end of the meal, feeling fuller 3) Fruit and vegetables really DO contain a lot of water. If you chew long enough you end up with just a little pulp. 4) Foods that require essentially no chewing: couscous, ground beef, carrot cake. Who would've known?

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