Thursday, December 13, 2007

A working mother

An internet sport channel here in Italy asked me to do a series of interviews on different subject: triathlon, women's running, pacers, etc. My only problem was that the day they asked me to do it Piero wasn't going to be around so I couldn't leave Evan at home. The interviews were done at a marathon expo, so no problem in bringing him with me. I just had to find a way to keep him still while I answered their questions. It was about five o'clock, an hour when he gets a little tired (me too!). Oh, I forgot to tell you...he has this habit. He breasfed for sixteen months and then since I had to do some solo traveling I had to wean him. It only took a week and he was at an age that I could actually tell him things about it. One thing that stayed though was that he still likes to put his hand on my br3ast. (I put the 3 in so I don't attract freaks...) At the time it didn't bother me, plus it would put him to sleep instantly.
Flash to three years later. When he's a little sleepy and we're sitting next to each other he'll still put his hand on me and go to sleep. Which is what he decided to do during this interview! So this is me talking while Evan is trying to shove his hand down my shirt. I'm desperately trying to concentrate on answering the question while I try and seem like nothing is happening. You don't need to speak Italian to get a good laugh!


Nancy Toby said...

That's so funny!! I wouldn't have guessed that he was trying to grab THAT from the shot, but playing with your earring while you're trying to talk is funny!!

Well done, you pulled it off well!!

I wish I could understand Italian!!

stronger said...

You pulled it off really well- couldn't tell where his hands were...until he started playing with your earring. So cute. I took Italian in college but didn't retain a thing- but the video with the context conveys a good message about training and motherhood all on its own. You looked great!

anji said...

haha, that's hilarious! Fortunately the camera didn't catch the full part! Did the reporter notice? hehe... at least they were gracious enough to zoom away from there :D