Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Modified plans

The plan was supposed to be that we all went down to Puglia where Piero's family lives, hang out through Christmas, and then I would go back to Modena to be with Olivia for the New Year while Piero and Evan stayed down south. I know it sounds complicated, but it's not and it keeps everybody happy. But then on the morning of the 24th I saw Evan playing with his cousins and he didn't look right. Nothing particular, but Mamma's intuition told me that he was getting sick. Sure enough that same night he developed a 101° fever that lasted five freaking days. On day four I called the doctor in and started him on antibiotics. The fever went down within 48 hours but I decided then that I couldn't just leave him there with his grandmother (though she loved doting on him), so we all packed up and came back home. It's an eight hour drive so it wasn't a light decision, but I feel much more comfortable taking care of him while I can keep him in site all the time.
Before the fever it was a very Merry Christmas. I'll tell you more about it in the days to come. Right now I think I've caught the tail end of whatever Evan had...sigh...

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