Friday, January 04, 2008


Here in the north of Italy where I live it gets cold in the winter, usually staying around 1° to 5° c, but it doesn't snow. It will snow two or three times in the month of January though. Last year was exceptionally warm and it didn't snow at all. Even though everybody was thrilled about, it got me really worried, global warming et al. Yesterday it snowed all day. It'll be gone by next week, but for now I'm happy the planet seems to be functioning as usual. After ten days indoors (due to being sick) I took Evan on a walk to the post office. He wanted to know where our sleigh was.

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anji said...

IT SNOWED WHEN I WAS FREAKIN' THERE! Do ya remember? huh? COME ONE! The one time you get SNOW IN A CENTURY (or is it twice now?) I AM FREAKIN" THERE :P

Same thing with Florida... and Germany... ahhh, if you want snow, just invite the Canadian girl over and she'll make sure you get a dose of it :D

Glad evan had a chance to play with it though, did you tell him the sleigh is sitting way over here? :D

Did you also know you're mentioned lots in Shauna's book :D hehe, famous girl you....