Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Word of the Year

I love Allie Edward's idea of having a personal power word for the year. I still have to do some closing with 2007, but I really feel that 2008 is going to be a year of change for me. Doing things in a different way, trying to see other's from a different angle. I chose the word "Evolve" because it signifies positivity and future. I also like it because it's "bilingual" and means the same thing in Italian and English (to evolve, evolvere). I printed it in beautiful red letters and framed it. I have to find a place to put it so that I can see it every day while I work in my studio. Now I can't wait to see how this year Evolves (with a capital E!)

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Roam2Rome said...

Wow. This post has so many dimensions, symmetry, symbolism and best of all, positivity. I like your word.

Definitely. Now I want my own personal power word, too. I'll have to think about this one carefully :)

(PS I tried to send you a message a second ago, and it didn't, but I hope this isn't a duplicate)