Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Macca Interview

I know most people use their ipods for music but I mostly listen to audio books and podcasts. I have four podcasts I listen to on a weekly basis and one of them is Ironman Talk
The two hosts are cooky together but very very informative as far as Triathlons go. Last week they did an Interview with Chris McCormick. The best interview I have listened to EVER. You have to pay attention to it while you listen, mostly to the host Bevan James Eyles who has a pretty thick New Zealand least for me. If you are a sports fan, especially Ironman - go listen now! Or download and listen while you ride your bike. Very inspiring.

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anji said...

Ottavio did excellent!! I bet you guys are both proud of him. Stupid american TV only showed the first three runners arrive, so I couldn't see him enter but YAY! :)