Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What I'm doing right now if you want to know...

  • Inserting in the graphics and photos for THE book. It's been approved by my editor who commented that it was "fascinating" (hee-haw!!) and three guinea pig female readers who said they "gobbled it up". I'm super excited, to say the least.
  • Missing my 30th High School Reunion. I am so bummed about this you have no idea. I was all set to go when the teenage unit in the house started to pull one too many pranks and I just do not feel comfortable leaving the fort unattended. Oh well, the positive thing is that through the Facebook space they set up I am back in touch with some cool people that I literally have not seen in thirty years.
  • Training for NYCM. I'm still going, I'm still running. Amazing since my back is totally screwed and sometimes I can't move...but then I do some yoga and I'm okay. I'm starting to get excited about American coffee and walks in Central Park.
  • Getting the kids back to school. Love the kids, also love when I can work uninterrupted for several hours on end and this can only happen from september to june when they are in school.
  • Excited about new projects that I'm planning and book touring and anything that has to NOT do with the actual writing of the book. I am so happy about not feeling guilty anymore that I am not working on THE was consuming my life, literally.


stronger said...

gorgeous picture!

anji said...

I'm sorry you don't get to go :( Hopefully people can take some pics and stuff, and share some stories.

I can't believe how big Evan is getting! He was just a little embryo when I last saw him :D How tall is he?