Sunday, April 03, 2005

Never judge a book by it's cover

I have this male client that I train. For those who know nothing about me, I’m a personal trainer for aspiring runners. He joined a beginners marathon program that I had few years ago, ran the marathon, and then signed up for private sessions. I remember the first time I met him in person he had this breath that almost made me faint, it was so bad. Somehow it cleared up by our next meeting, but I had always sort of judged him as…I don’t know…a poor person. Whenever I would talk to him he would say that he does nothing but work so running was his outlet. He never went on any sort of significant vacation. All of his marathons were locally run, like not more than 50 kms away from his house.
This weekend me, hubby and the kids went to the Clients town to do some testing on some of the athletes I train in that area. The Client absolutely insisted that we come to dinner. He even wanted us to spend the night at his house but I wiggled out of that one.
Anyway, we arrived at the house…it was this HUGE villa smack in the center of this historic town. The house was out of a magazine. At one point he showed us the children’s (3 boys) “playroom”. The dang thing was as big as my ENTIRE house. The maid (yes, the maid) served us this gorgeous dinner of salad, shrimp pasta, baked fish and pineapple for dessert. I was truly embarrassed by how much I was off mark about this guy. Just goes to show you that you can’t judge people by their appearance. I had always thought that I didn’t…but I guess I do.
So the dinner turned out to be good (I was really worried about that) and I stayed well within my points for the weekend. Tonight I went on a really nice hour and a half run that left me feeling full of energy. Maybe too full since I’m writing this at almost two in the morning…Good Night!

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noresh said...

hie julia! i stumbled upon your 'gorilla' blog from mine. i am and always be amazed at your perseverance in eating sensibly. i can never do that. i'll keep tag of my eating a day or two then i'll get sick of it and resort to my old habits of eating anything and everything in the fridge. i would love to lose my pregnancy fat. since you're good at it, can you please give me some tips? thank you.