Saturday, April 23, 2005

No Secrets here!

One of my three readers asks how I can eat so sensibly and if I have any tips to share. Mmmm...that’s actually a really difficult question to answer. This has been a really long journey for me, though I must say I do feel like I am at the end of the road. I’m mostly satisfied with my eating lifestyle and habits, but it did take me years (like twenty-five!) to get to where I am. Here’s generally what I had to do:
- I overcame my bingeing. I did that a lot as a teenager and probably a good part of my twenties. I used food as a way of getting out my aggressions-emotions-frustrations. Not bingeing has nothing to do with willpower. You have to learn why you abuse food and what is really hurting you. That took me a long time and a few trips to the psychologists couch to figure out. I still go overboard on sweets every once in a while but I do recognize that it’s because they are really tasty and just put a stop to it.
- I love exercise. I love endurance exercise. I always have, btw. Fun to me is training for a 100km biking race, and then doing the race. I love running, I love swimming, I love biking, I am very grateful that I have found my exercise groove because exercise does have to be part of your life if you have a tendency to make the scales tip the wrong way.
- I found a style of eating that works for me. I don’t eat milk products, pork, most sugars, and coffee. They’re all things that irritate me and I’m unable to digest. The most difficult to get rid of was the cheese, but after a few months I didn’t even miss it anymore. This is not to say that everybody should do’s what worked for me. But I think it helps to know what your body works on best.
- I eat a TON of fruit and vegetables. I spend most of my grocery budget on fruit. Right now I’m into making fruit salads with lots of strawberries. Peaches should be coming in next month!
- I don’t feel guilty about eating dessert and probably do once a week. Manageing your weight is not about denial. You just have to find a balance for yourself, and for me desserts are in the picture.

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anji said...

Sounds like things are going great Julia!

Keep up the great work :)