Sunday, May 01, 2005

My Secret Garden

We bought a new house a little over two years ago and one of the main features was that it had a 200 square meter garden. It's not a lot, but I didn't know much about plants so it seemed like a manageable size. In the Condo there are three other houses with a garden, one with the same square footage as ours. While everybody else just called gardeners and had them install a ready made garden, hubby and I wanted to plant it ourselves. Mind you, we really didn't know much about plants or design or what would grow, but I figured it couldn't be rocket science so we started planting.

One terrible behavior I have that I hate hate hate is to buy seeds that I never plant. I'll buy like thirty packets of various flowers that never even get opened. This year I tried to "examine" this peculiarity of mine and decided that it was because deep down I did't really think that I had a green thumb. I don't ever expect the seedlings to sprout. This year I got my courage together and planted some. Twenty different varieties, actually. I figured that if I didn't plant them how would I ever know if they would grow? Wouldn't it be like my weight loss? I just had to keep at it, adjust my mistakes and never give up. I am pleased to say that eighteen out of twenty flowers have popped up. I'm not giving up on those last two either. I think my main problem in the past is that I'd practically dig graves for the poor seeds when all I really had to do was set them on the soil and put a half an inch of dirt on top. I feel like a nerd 'cause I go and examine them about four times a day to see what's come up and how much they've grown. Not quite a green thumb, but I'm working on it.

On the weight front everything is going well, thank you for asking!

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anji said...

Oh my goodness, isn't that funny! I too buy seeds in packages, to maybe never have them sprout? Haha - but - both martin & I are putting together our own gardens this year. I didn't really have an opportunity to plant before, because, of living in apartments or - not having the right environment. But - I'm happy to say I went out and bought lots of planters and the soil is bought so - now all I have to do is actually plant the seeds :) And naturally, it's still not warm enough to plant directly outside so - tomorrow's big activity is to begin the plants, and have them indoors until it's warm enough to take them outside :)

You're very right, with the weight-loss paralles so closely with the planting of seeds, eh?