Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What exactly do you mean?

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I was on the phone yesterday with my friend...She lives about two hours away from me so we actually don't see each other very much but she's good about keeping in touch by calling me often. We were talking about fall marathons. She's decided that she'll be running Berlin at the end of september after doing NYCM four times. She is always bugging me to train her, which I have on occasion but the thing is is that she never follows the program. She always has some little excuse why she couldn't do, complete or even think about starting one workout. BTW, she is single without children and has plenty of time on her hands. Then later she'll complain that her timing wasn't very good and maybe I could train her...it's a never ending merry-go-round. Yesterday I told her that I was going to run my marathon in mid october near home. It's a nice course and I don't have to worry about whether hubby is out of town or not. I told her if she wanted I'd send her what I was doing so if she wanted to follow along she could. At the moment we are almost running at the same pace though I'm probably slightly faster. (Note: no effort on my part to just send an email with my schedule...) I told her I'm looking to go under four hours for my Boston qualification. She thought about it for a minute and said, "Well, you are older than me..." Yes, by five years. What she was meaning to say was that if I, the old bag could do it, she could too..."And fatter..." I didn't say anything. I just thought about the last time she saw me was probably last year...I really can't remember but it was probably a good five kilos ago. But still, how dare you! Some people have no tact. It only fires me up more to do better at this next marathon. I've included this picture just to show y'all that I bitch and complain about these last five lbs all the time but the reality of it is I am in pretty darn good shape...for an old lady that is.


Shauny said...

how ruuuuuuuuuuude! unbelievable nerve. you look very slender and sporty indeed :)

anji said...

You look wonderful in your picture and I think you're doing a great job! Your friend sounds a lot like me (haha) though, I try to not be mean and call you old and fat but I prefer to think of you as an older sister :D

Take care!

Loretta said...

you definitly look very fit...weight issues would never cross my mind if a women looking like that photo walk (run) by, "I would say i wish i looked so good!"

and age isn't everything....i am 26 and look like a chubby 17 and my mom is 50 looks about 35 and my dad...60 years old and looks maybe 50...but i know people younger then me who look much older...she has alot of nerve and I hope she reads your blog!