Sunday, May 22, 2005


My biorhythm is out of wack. Quite frankly I don't really know how it should be but this is how it is: in the morning I wake up in a fog. Worse than a fog, I don't like to communicate with the world until at least eleven o'clock. This of course is impossible given that I have two children and a husband that I live with. So, after being called several times by my daughter to get my butt out of bed, I throw on whatever looks right for that particular season, walk to the kitchen, make myself a cup of tea, get the car keys and then bring my daughter to school - driving and drinking my tea. I stay alert for the rest of the morning, though it still does take me a few hours to be myself. Around three o'clock in the afternoon I get a little sleepy. Sometimes REALLY sleepy and I'll take an hour nap with the baby but I try to only do this in an emergency. Like when I realize that if I don't sleep for an hour the rest of my day is compromised. Then something awful happens. I wake up. Usually around nine p.m. So I start to do things. I'm self employed so it usually involves working or writing, other times it involves snuggling on the couch with the husband while we watch satellite television with a choice of 400 stations in three languages. I could literally stay up until three or four in the morning but I don't because then I wouldn't be able to get up in the morning and it would start an endless cycle...which I think has already happened. It does cause me to go to bed later though. I rarely go to bed before midnight. I am not happy with this whole set up but it's really difficult to change.

I read a magazine article that said to just establish a consistent schedule of getting in bed at 10.00 pm and getting up at 6.00 am. I've tried it this week though it has been more on the 10.30 pm - 7.00 am side...It seems to be working. My energy is a little better, but I do have to find a new time for writing (part of my profession) which always seemed to come out best after midnight. Gotta go, it's now 10.25 p.m. and I HAVE to try and change this one aspect of my life...

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anji said...

Hi There!

I hope that you get your internal clock all figured out! :D I hate it when things like that happen, hope it changes quickly !

Bye for now,