Tuesday, May 10, 2005

42.195 km (!)

I ran my marathon on Sunday! Since I wasn't really sure how it would go I decided that I'd run the first 21 km loop and then evaluate how I felt. Well, I felt great. There was a lot of wind, it hailed for about 10 minutes really hard. Then it rained a bit and then the sun came out. If we'd had a snow blizzard it would have been complete. The biggest problem was that when I went onto the second 21 km loop nobody followed! Most people were there to do the half marathon and there were only about 300 participants in the full marathon. It was tough with the wind and being alone because I didn't have anybody to run with to help me block out the wind like I did on the first loop. The great thing was that I always felt like running and I passed a lot of people in the last ten kilometres. I ran the last kilometre pretty fast and had a huge smile on my face. My final time was 4h21'15". Now I feel really energized and ready to train the whole summer for my next marathon which will be on October 15th. Can't wait!


anji said...

Great job Julia! You did fantastic, even in all those crappy weather elements :D

I think you're really going to enjoy the October marathon and it's going to be great to see the improvement you'll make over the summer!

Bye for now,

Shauny said...

holy crap, julia! well done... rain, hail and shine indeed :)

the baker said...

wow. hats off to ya.

came across your link from someone's blog, and may I say a big 'congrats'!

I'm big on running myself. but have yet to run a marathon. I do intend to finish one at the end of the year. but just curious, how often do you train? for me, I just do my 5km runs at least 3 to 4 times a week tops... sometimes just once a week. that ain't enough ya?