Monday, April 11, 2005

Quick Trip

We went to Paris for the weekend. It was a quick trip, a business trip actually. We went to see the marathon since hubby had a female athlete running there. I already knew ahead of time that I wouldn't be exercising since we had every minute planned, but I did get in a long five hour walk on saturday walking from the Operà to the Eiffel tower. The baby slept the entire time! I assure you, this is a rare occurance since he always wants to get out of the stroller and push it himself.
Eating went well considering that we had all our meals at the hotel and it was buffet style. I piled on the salad at the start of each meal and then had some fish one night and chicken the next. On the walk I did make the exception of trying a cone of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (chunky monkey) since I had never eaten it. No big thrill, I remain a diehard Hagan Daz fan. I decided not to count points over the weekend though I'm positive I didn't go over. I also started my cycle on saturday which doesn't help things scale-wise.
This morning I went running under the rain. 14km and it felt great. I mean, I feel lighter...we'll see...

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