Sunday, December 03, 2006

A REAL bike workout

Outdoor bike workout

Outside temperature: 7 c° (44 f)
Total distance: 38km (23 m)
Clothing worn: two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, balaclava, skull cap, two long sleeve N1ke tees, winter cycle pants, winter cycle jacket.
Number of other cyclists seen: 12
Food consumed: 1 litre water, half a powerbar, one really delicious and piping hot cappuccino at the turnaround.
Money paid to babysitter: 18,00 euro (23 usd)

Piero is in Rome again and Evan is still sick. I had to get out of the house or I was going to go crazy. It's cold outside but no ice on the road so I thought I'd go for a spin on the bike. It was great! I don't know if I can keep it up (totally depends on the road conditions) but I'd love to be able to go out biking at least once a week. The other two workouts during the week could be done on the trainer, but I'd go nuts if I had to do it all winter long. I have to get those thingys that cover your shoes and I'll be set. Actually, if the roads did get too cold I could use the mountain bike since it has those big fat tires. Anyway, good workout :-)


dg said...

oh i love that list of "clothing worn". that is serious determination! glad you got to escape for awhile :)

btw, you mentioned a trainer, what do you think of those? i am trying to persuade gareth to get one coz he loves his cycling but it's too crap to cycle now most days, and he doesn't want to sit around getting tubby all winter, hehe!

Julia said...

Oh, I couldn't live without my trainer! The one I have looks a lot like this
Don't balk at the price tag. They look expensive for a little piece of metal, but I've had mine for sixteen years, so it's well worth it. I just stick it in front of the television and go! There are also DVD's that you can buy to get a good workout done or search the internet to find written ones also.