Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A First

Yesterday I was huggling with hubby, which is easy to do since in our studio his work area is side-by-side to mine. I just hop off my desk and plop myself in his lap and get myself some hugs and kisses at any time of the day! We've been together almost ten years now, but I still like to ask him useless questions like "Do you still love me?" where he has an obligatory answer. We do it at least twice a week. Cheap fun. So while he was correctly answering all of my silly questions he said, "Just don't lose any more weight".

Now Hubby is a man of very few words. In terms of emotion or expressing how he feels it's like pulling teeth. If he says anything significant to you, you have to take it seriously 'cause he'll only say it once. He's seen me at my low of 137 lbs and my high of 190 lbs. and has never said ANYTHING about either values. NOTHING. Just kept loving me exactly how I was, and for that I am very grateful. So I had to really listen to what he was saying.

"You don't like me like this?"
"No, you look good, just don't lose anymore."
"I thought you liked thinner women?"
(no answer = not necessarily true)
(me puzzled 'cause I thought it was true)
(I've just discovered after ten years that Hubby likes my big butt)
"So, if I stay at this weight it's okay"
"Just don't lose any more. You start to look run down and too thin".

It's true, I did lose the weight for me and I am very pleased that I am happy with myself, but I can't tell you what a mental uplift it was for me to know that THIS is what is attractive to my Husband. What I am right now. I don't have to worry about losing anymore, just maintaining and being happy where I am. I must say that the mental shift has been nice. Last night I went to the fancy gym to train and thought more in terms of firming than losing. Time went faster while I pedaled away for 80 minutes on the bike plus the another twenty running (think marathon training!).

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anji said...

Wow, nice!! Way to go! :)

What a sweetie too, to actually tell you that... kudos to Piero!