Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ten things you don't know about me: #10

#10: for many years I made my living as a "Plus" model.

I used to get stopped on the streets on a regular basis by modeling agents who thought I should get into the business. The only problem was that when I'd go for the first interview they'd always tell me to lose fifty pounds and then come back. I'm 5'10", so I'm tall enough, but they were asking me to get down to 120 lbs, a weight I was at in fifth sixth grade. If I go below my present weight of 140 lbs I start to look skeletony from the waist up. That big rear just stays put. I just don't have THAT kind of model structure. Now back in those days I did weigh a good fifteen to twenty lbs more than I do now and I still wasn't into wanting to lose it yet. Or rather I was but I wasn't doing it...Then a female agent I had in Firenze suggested I go for the new "plus" sizes since these models were difficult to find. In Europe a plus size model wears a size 12 or 14 (as compared to normal models that wear a size 6) , so this was perfect for me. Since the "real" models didn't want these jobs (considered beneath them and only 'cause they had gained weight) I was happy to take them up since the pay was exactly the same! In my plus modeling stint I worked for Max Mara, Luciano Soprani, Versace, Laura Biagiotti, and my number one moment was a fitting session for Valentino WITH Valentino. Well, actually it was for Valentino, his gorgeous blonde American lover and their four dogs. I was flown down to Rome for the occasion and worked the day at his atelier next to Piazza di Spagna. Unfortunately I wasn't asked back because he thought my rear was too large for his fitting clothes. Oh well, thanks anyway Valentino! The last job I did was in 1993 at the ripe age of 33 (I lasted a long time 'cause I always looked younger than I was) just three months after having given birth to Olivia. If I recall correctly it was catalog work. I brought her with me and breastfed her in between photo shoots. That one job was fun with her but I couldn't see it happening again and in that one moment I was just happy to take the time to be her Mom.
A few months later I started running regularly and got too thin for the "plus" clothes. End of Plus modeling career.


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i always thought you had magnificent cheekbones! wow! :) i can't wait to hear about the other things :)