Saturday, February 18, 2006


I was reading a post written by DG who quoted reading a post by Nancy which I then went to read and found out it was all about weight maintainence, which is exactly what I'm going through now. Now the positive side to this is that everybody has noticed that I lost some weight. Yep, there's nothing more gratifying than having people notice it in a positive way. Also, my running is so much easier without having to lug around those few last pounds. I run faster and that's satisfying. What's difficult is still learning how much I can eat without gaining it back. Right now it's even more difficult because my period is late and causing me to retain water like crazy. I can go up and down by five lbs in just water weight. Ugh. One thing they did get right in the article from Nancy's site: exercise is something you have to do almost every day. I work out four to five days per week and if I didn't I would surely gain back weight pretty quickly. Speaking of exercise, my trip to the More Marathon in New York City is confirmed so I better get cracking. I also got an all expense paid invite to THIS marathon in Thailand. Whoooeeee!!!!

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