Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Run

I had a fantastic run today. I should say a fantastic long run since it took me two hours and ten minutes to finish. Since I'm lazy and didn't feel like writing myself up a new marathon plan, I just took the one that Hubby had written up for me in the fall and cut and pasted it into spring. Today I had to do:

1h30' + 6 x 1km, rec.2'

I had to get reinforces for this since I had the babysitter come watch Evan and then Shygirl followed me on the bike. With workouts up to one hour I'm fine by myself, anything longer than that I really need to be with someone, otherwise I can talk myself into shortening the kilometres or going slower in no time at all. I did the first ninety minutes at a casual pace. We yabbed and gabbed and gossiped the whole time. We also planned what we wanted to do in New York 'cause Shy girl will be coming with me and running the half marathon. I got to the 6 x 1km and was able to get them all in at 5'20"/km. I am really really pleased with this because I remember running the same workout last fall and I didn't even bother taking the times of the km's since I knew they'd be slow. Yay me!

I also temporarily resolved the maintenance dilema. I'm going to go up to 1800 calories for a few weeks and see how it goes. I may need to increase that to 2000 calories as I get closer to the marathon date. For 1800 calories I'll break it up into 400 at breakfast, 200 snack, 500 lunch, 200 2nd snack and 500 dinner. I choose all healthy foods but allow that the second snack be anything I want (even chocolate!). By the way, when I was limiting myself to 1600 calories dinner and lunch were 400...anyway, this structure seems to work for me right now. I feel comfortable with it for some odd reason. Again, it's what works right now. I've learned in my dieting "career" that this could change - and then I have to find a new trick to pull out of my hat.

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anji said...

Sounds like you had a great run! the NYC marathon sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun! has shy girl ever been there before??